The Schools to Watch (STW) Transformation Network Project seeks to improve student achievement in low-performing middle-grades schools. The four year project began in October 2010 in California, Illinois, and North Carolina with 18 schools. We are using a multi-layered system of support and an extensive set of school improvement strategies, including a STW coach, principal coach, STW site visits, professional development, early indicator systems, and networking activities. The evaluation is conducted by the Center for Prevention Research and Development.


Telling Our Story

The 2010 i3 Grant put together a document to share about their project. CLICK HERE TO READ

Coaching Field Guide and Handbook

Coaching Field Guide
Coaching Handbook


The Impact of the i3Project: School Visit Focus Group Findings

During the 2012/13 school year, CPRD visited one i3 school in each state to conduct focus groups with teachers, leadership teams, and administrative teams in order to learn more about how each school was implementing the i3 project. Hamlet Middle School (Hamlet, NC), Davis Elementary School (Chicago, IL), and Coalinga Middle School (Coalinga, CA) were
selected based on recommendations from the state leadership teams for their high level of project implementation and the resulting impact of the i3 Project on their individual schools. Hamlet Middle School was selected as a 2013 Schools to Watch school shortly after CPRD conducted their school visit, and Davis Elementary School was selected as a 2014 Schools to Watch school. Although Coalinga Middle School was not yet ready to apply for Schools to Watch, they had achieved Safe Harbor status in 2012 and like the other two schools had seen great improvements since implementing the i3 Project. This report summarizes the impact of the i3 Project on these three schools, the challenges the schools faced and their lessons learned, as well as their goals and expectations for the last year of the i3 grant.
Read more at this link – Impact of the i3 Project-1-2


Lessons Learned for Sustainability:2013 Focus Group Findings

CPRD conducted two focus groups during the 2013 Schools to Watch Conference in June 2013. The first focus group included a sample of six i3 Project coaches, who represented all three project states, as well as the two different types of coaches (STW coaches and principal mentors). CPRD conducted the second focus group with a sample of principals. Although only five principals from two of the three project states were able to attend, all three of the project school types (rural schools, small urban schools, and large urban schools) were represented. This report summarizes the key themes related to the topics discussed, including the lessons learned, challenges, and suggestions for implementing and sustaining the i3 Project.
Read more at this link – Lessons Learned for Sustainability


Final Evaluation Report

The 2010 i3 Schools to Watch (STW) Transformation Network Project would like to share their final report for the project. CLICK HERE to read the Final Evaluation Report


i3 Project Fact Sheet

To read more on the i3 Project Fact Sheet for June 2013, click on the link below.


Impact of the i3 Project: School Visit Focus Group Findings

CPRD works with the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform i3 grants.  With the 2010 i3 STW Transformation Network Project wrapping up, CPRD has put together a fact sheet The Impact of the i3 Project: School Visit Focus Group Findings. This is a wonderful document to read and get more information about the 2010 i3 grant.


Presentation for 2014 Learning Forward Conference

We had a team from our i3 STW Transformation Network Project present at the Learning Forward conference in December 2014.  CLICK HERE to see thePowerPoint from their presentation.