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Promising Practice – Advisory/Mentoring Program

The promising practice at Hebron Middle School is our advisory and mentoring program. First indicators predict the success of our students as early as sixth grade. With our advisory program, every sixth grader is given a student mentor with the focus on improving these first indicators like attendance, grades, and behavior. Our student mentors live by the motto, “No One Sits Alone.” This attitude thrives throughout our entire building. Students enter as 6th graders and see this put into action. As 7th and 8th graders, this mindset is continued through the advisory program with similar activities led by student leaders and teachers.

The characteristic that sets our mentor program apart is how mentors are selected, trained and supported in this role. Seventh and eighth grade students apply and interview to be mentors. Those selected are then trained in topics like dealing with conflict, working with struggling students, leading team building activities and leading discussions. Mentors also attend a leadership class throughout the week and work with lead teachers on activities and student issues in our building.Hebron1Hebron2