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Bagley Middle School, home of the Braves, was named a 2015 new designation Georgia Lighthouse Schools to Watch. Bagley Middle School is located in Chatsworth, GA and houses 546 students with a philosophy that all students can learn, no exceptions, no excuses.

Bagley Middle School Promising Practice

Bagley Middle School implements, evaluates, and improves Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) each year to reward positive behavior in an effort to decrease the number of office referrals and negative discipline incidences. PBIS defines, teaches, and supports appropriate student behaviors and PBIS Octobercreates a positive learning environment where problem behaviors are decreased and academic performance is increased. Consistency throughout every area of the school is encouraged to support the student population. At risk groups are identified and plans are created to meet the specific needs of each individual student. Individualized support and school-wide expectations make up the cornerstones of PBIS.


Behavior expectations for the entire school are created at the beginning of the PBIS system. Students are taught the main expectations and what it means and looks like in their classrooms and oBMS Faculty 14-15 FUN-2ther areas throughout the school. At Bagley Middle School, we teach our students that if we are responsible and respectful, we will be successful. We model what it is like to be responsible and respectful in all areas around the school including the restroom, lunchroom, outside, in the hallway, and in the classroom. These same expectations are then taken into the hallway or restrooms and are enforced by all staff members, including lunchroom staff and custodians. Inappropriate behaviors do result in negative consequences, but positive reinforcement is always maintained.