The Alliance for Excellent Education, Attendance Works, and the Data Quality Campaign
Invite You to Attend a Webex
Toward Smarter State School Attendance Policies: Common-Sense Strategies to Reduce
Chronic Absenteeism
Monday, September 16, 2013
1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. (EDT)
Hedy Chang, Director, Attendance Works
Karen Crompton, President, Voices for Utah Children
Fred Jones, Legislative Associate, Alliance for Excellent Education
Brennan McMahon, Senior Associate, State Policy and Advocacy, Data Quality Campaign
Terry Spradlin, Director for Education Policy, Center for Evaluation & Education Policy, Indiana University

Please join the Alliance for Excellent Education, Attendance Works, and the Data Quality Campaign (DQC) for a webex examining the roles state action and policy play in ensuring students are attending school. Chronic absenteeism—missing 10 percent or more of the school year for any reason—is a hidden national crisis affecting up to 7.5 million students. It is a proven early warning sign of academic risk in the early grades and of dropping out of school by middle or high school. Attendance can be significantly improved when districts, families, and communities work together to nurture a culture of attendance and use data to drive interventions. State policy and local supports play critical roles in ensuring districts (1) monitor the extent to which chronic absenteeism is a problem; (2) determine which schools, grades, or populations of students need intervention; and (3) use the data to identify and overcome barriers to attending school.

Brennan McMahon will discuss the DQC’s findings about the extent to which attendance and chronic absenteeism is monitored by state data systems. Hedy Chang will share key components of smart state attendance policy. Terry Spradlin will describe how an analysis of attendance data in Indiana resulted in new state policy ensuring chronic absence is calculated, reported, and addressed by school improvement plans, and Karen Crompton will share how key stakeholders, such as state officials and celebrities, work together to improve attendance rates. Fred Jones will moderate the webex. Panelists will also address questions submitted by viewers from across the country.
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